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BOOK-LOVERS!!! Third volume of Trilogy THE KINGKILLER CHRONICLE to be Released SOON!!! Check it out!!!

By Anchal Gupta

The third installment titled “The Doors of Stone” of the trilogy, The Kingkiller Chronicle is expected to be released soon. The fans of the trilogy are eagerly waiting for the third part of the book to be released.


The fascinating trilogy is written by Patrick James Rothfuss. The first book was published on March 27, 2007, was titled “The Name of the Wind“. The second book in the trilogy which was published on March 1, 2011, was titled “The Wise Man’s Fear

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The book story is set in the fantasy world. It revolves around a legendary hero, KVOTHE, who is a musician, and a magician.

The story of the trilogy shows two timelines. One, where Kvothe shares his life experience with Chronicler, Devan Loches. And, the other presents the past, where many other characters are present along with Kvothe.

In the first part, where Kvothe keeps a low profile, is recognized by a chronicler. The chronicler identifies him and seeks permission to record Kvothe’s life journey. The first volume of the trilogy ends with the first-day narration of the story. And, the second volume begins with another day, where Kvothe continues with the narration of his story where he left in the last part.

Copies Sold

The two books have sold more than 10 million copies. Hence, we may expect that the new volume will also sell millions of copies.

About the Third Volume:

The new volume of the trilogy is expected to break records as it has become one of the most awaited books.  Fans have high hopes from the third volume as it is expected to unravel more secrets and mysteries


The third part, titled “The Doors of Stone” will be published by DAW as well as Penguin Books.

Release Dates

Though the date of release has not been revealed yet. The third volume of the trilogy may release this year, but it is not for sure. It might be possible that publishing takes place next year.

As for now, we can only wait for future updates regarding the book.

Anchal Gupta