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Bushfires in Australia burned down 12 million acres of woodland land and kills no less than two other folks!!

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Massive bushfire in Australia – sad news for everyone

There is a massive bushfire that got into Australia that have to create and burned about more than twelve million acres. This is an area of approximately the size of Vermont and New Hampshire, which is in the US. When this caught fire and created smoke from the blazes in the southwest of the country that is also visible from space. This fire spread so far that it is creating many problems and also haze in the new Zealand.

This fire is basically in Australia and one of the most intense and dangerous that ever happened in the country’s history. According to David Bowman who is a professor of phylogeography and fire science also the director of the Fire Centre Research Hub at the University of Tasmania he said to the Time that “The intensity, the scale, the number, the geographical range, the fact that they’re occurring simultaneously, and the sorts of environments that are burning are all extraordinary, We’re in the middle of a war situation…mass evacuations, the involvement of the military, hugely exhausted firefighting campaigns, it’s difficult to explain.” these were his exact words to the TIME.

What is the impact of this dangerous fire –

According to the news, this massive bushfire has taken the lives of more than 19 people, and more than dozens of people are missing. Many people become homeless, and they have lost their houses in this fire. Those who got stuck their military officers helping them and providing supplies like food, water, clothes to the town that got affected by this fire. Due to hot weather, this fire actually increases, and the condition is expected, as per the sources, is likely to be getting worse. This actually starts taking place on Saturday itself. This tragedy had happened in 2019, but still, it is one of the dangerous and sad tragedy.

Reetika Kachchhwa