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Can Google’s British sister company DeepMind build a computer as smart as the human brain?

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Computers are smart as human brain –

Now computers have power as well as huge data sets which have actually given researchers a power to turn their algorithms into an useful information. AI has actually back again onto the center stage.  Actually they have been warned about this but still after the warnings from some of the creation of this super intelligent AI is working in realistic mines. So basically how do one get to the next level? In accordance to this, Demis Hassabis who is actually the founder of Google’s AI powerhouse that is deepMind. So basically Hassabis and other three co authors argue in regards of that the field of AI needs to reconnect to the world of neuroscience which is actually only by finding out more about the natural intelligence which the creator can definitely understand

Hassabis’ s views –
So actually if you are interested in knowing more about what exactly neuroscience and AI, their is a question and answer between the interviewer and Hassabis –
So how deepMind is create AI to help further scientific discoveries?
With regards to this he replied that “There are two ways really. One is to use neuroscience as a source of inspiration for algorithmic and architectural ideas. The human brain is the only existing proof we have that the sort of general intelligence we’re trying to build is even possible, so we think it’s worth putting the effort in to try and understand how it achieves these capabilities. Then we can see if there are ideas we can transfer over into machine learning and AI.” He answered the questions in this way that can be understandable. Then he continued to say that “
That’s why I studied neuroscience for my PhD — to look into the brain’s memory and imagination; understand which brain regions were involved, which mechanisms were involved; and then help us think about how we might achieve these same functions in our AI systems.”
So basically this was the answer given by Hassabis to the question he had been asked which is technically helpful for others.

Reetika Kachchhwa