Can’t locate Torrent’s KickAss website? Here’s the list of the Best Torrent KickAss Proxy List 2020 that is going to help you out.

With Torrent becoming increasingly popular and convenient for users, sharing large files from one peer to another has become a cakewalk somewhat. This is the reason why the Torrent search engine named KickAss has gained such immense importance.

What is KickAss? How popular is it?

To access and download Torrent files, one needs to have a site for these. Amongst all the other search engines, KickAss is the most popular one. One who is an avid Torrent user is sure to know about its existence. Just in case you’re unaware of it, KickAss is Torrent’s metasearch engine, which was founded in 2008.

Since it is a piracy hub, KickAss got blocked in 2016 due to some legal copyright infringement issues. The American government had seized the domain, and the servers were low.

Soon enough, the makers of KickAss created another website with similar features and facilities. However, this made very little difference as people were not familiar enough with the new website.

It is to be noted that the original KickAss website is inaccessible. Instead, there are quite a few KickAss proxy sites that can be accessed to get hold of the desired content. Their libraries are just as large as that of KickAss. Thus it makes downloading content a considerably easy affair.


The following links and sites have featured themselves in the Best KickAss Proxy List for the year 2020:


Most of these sites have a clean and simple interface for users. The content is categorized into movies, TV shows, games, music, etc. The sites also contain useful books which are easily downloadable.

This helps users to navigate through the varied content that these sites offer. Some of these sites are pretty fast, that makes the task of downloading content much easier.