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| On 7 months ago

Cisco Issues Data Center Network Manager Update to Fix Three Vulnerabilities

By Sameer Ahmed

Cisco said that there are no workarounds, which means that users can’t put there updating off until later due to security reasons.

Anyone using there Data Center Network Manager has to update there system. This update was released by Cisco this Thursday as there were multiple vulnerabilities in the system which needed to be fixed.

This vulnerability will affect all versions of the Data Center Network Manager, which were launched earlier than 11.3(1). This system was for Windows, Linux, and other computer operating systems.

There are mainly three vulnerabilities which this update will fix. These are like holes in system security as an attacker can bypass the security and get direct administrative power in the system. All 3 are different vulnerabilities and are not connected to each other. This means that an attacker can get benefit by even one vulnerability and get a lot of access.

Data Center Network Manager is a manager for Cisco’s fabric. It helps in managing and troubleshooting of the network’s infrastructure.

The good news is that these vulnerabilities are not exploited and used for gaining access, and with this update, further chances are also decreased.

Sameer Ahmed