Coronavirus and Cancel, two words that came together with 2020:Corona outbreak!!!

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Initial months of 2020 till now much has been about Coronavirus and Cancel. The combination of these two words proved to be disastrous and very deadly for mankind in the 21st century.

It is well-established fact that COVID-19 which originated in Wuhan, China, has impeded and touched every sphere of human life. Consequently, causing a great deal of sorrow, physical, mental and financial loss. At the global level, it is causing not only economic slowdown but also cancellation of various events planned for 2020.


Launch of Apple’s MacBook series, iPhone with 5G network, OnePlus 8 are few among the list of tech events that either got canceled or delayed due to pandemic of COVID-19. The list also includes various tech conferences, summits, and events which were earlier scheduled to take place in 2020.

This impact might also be seen in the sports arena such as the Indian Premier League, Olympics 2020, etc, which are among the high-rated sports events for the sports lovers.

Colleges, schools, movie theatres, gyms, etc are being closed down. In some places, the whole city is being lockdown and still in others the entire country to tackle the health emergency which has aroused due to the virus.

Given the travel ban imposed by various countries to contain this contagious disease and also, Europe becoming the new epicenter of coronavirus. It is hard to comment on the events that will take place in the coming times.

The only arena where the impact is less likely to be noted is space. NASA’s next project ‘Perseverance’ -Mars rover scheduled to be launched in July’20 is not likely to be affected by the global outbreak of Coronavirus. However, we cannot reach to any conclusion until the world is out of the mayhem of COVID-19.




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