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Coronavirus Quarantined children who enjoy Fortnite and CoD are straining the Internet in Italy!!!

By Deeksha Arora

The coronavirus was a destructive force which killed almost 6,000 people worldwide, most of the killing (3,085 people died) in mainland China. The coronavirus not only has taken a huge human toll but also has lifted worldwide stock markets and paralyzes our lifestyle.

Everyday life is drastically modified from shutting schools, limits on public mobility and long-distance travel, to the cancelation of big sports events.

This is not so obvious everywhere else as Italy, which is the second-highest deadly nation in the sense of this global pandemic (1 441 deaths). Italy has shut down schools around the count to better monitor the transmission of the virus.

This is not shocking that all of these children go to a computer game to help them enjoy money, for a large portion of their money— for Web access and famous games like Fortnite and Call of Duty.

Indeed, according to Bloomberg, Italy’s largest Internet service provider (ISP), Telecom Italia SpA, has had a network ball consumption of two-thirds in the last two weeks.

“The Internet traffic across our network, which is primarily driven by online gamers, has grown by more than 70%,” said Luigi Gubitosi, the Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Italia.

Moreover, these kid gamers often download huge upgrades in significant numbers for these Tech Games. As some of these upgrades can exceed up to 25 GB, it should not be shocking that the ISP has seen a certain amount of trouble with this unscheduled load rise.

Although complaints of outages have been received around the world under growing demand, Telecom Italia reacted, claiming its network operated well and volumes better than previous days.

ISPs like AT&T and Spectrum here in the United States have eliminated bandwidth limits on their internet networks as more People choose to operate from their houses or remain home while they are in school.

Deeksha Arora