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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive made an announcement recently, which is going to be a pleasant surprise for some players

During the game, you will encounter a lot of players being abusive to others, which is quite disturbing for many. So Valve regarding this concern has announced that the deemed abusive players will be muted by default, which is going to prevent them from abusing others.

However, the players will be given a warning at first, which will help them to avoid the penalty.

Valve made the announcement on Thursday and believes that the new mute technique will help to deal with the abusive players, and this will prevent the non-abusive players from getting blocked from the users who don’t want any kind of toxic communications.

According to Valve, it will be monitoring the players who receive more abuse reports by other players. They will be given a warning, and depending on the number of abuse reports, the new muting penalty will be imposed.

However, Valve has also given a chance to abusive players to change their behavior. Valve will notify the players with significantly more abuse reports as a warning. The warning gives them a chance to change their behavior and stop getting reported by players.

If this happens,  then the players will be spared from any muting penalty, which will set them to mute by default. 

The players will have to earn a certain amount of XP points to remove the mute penalty while meanwhile, other players will have the option to unmute the auto-muted player. The new method by Valve will let players establish a standard of communication and also ensures that the other players receive anonymous feedback when they cross their line.

The company has already started monitoring the received reports with this new system. CS: GO players can report the abusive behavior of the players’ Abusive Communications or Profile’ option.