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Debian 9.13 Released as final update to stretch version of Linux.

By Abhishek Singh

Those of you who don’t know! Debian is an operating system of Linux counterpart, the same as the Windows operating system. Created for more technical & advanced users with command-oriented UI and functions as opposed to user-friendly windows. Debian 9.13 update serves as the last update for Debian GNU/Linux 9 “Stretch” series. Ending the support of the current generation of Linux ‘stretch’ series.  Fixing a lot of issues with performance, bugs, software updates, and security fixes. Making it compatible with software that faces serious bugs and issues. With that being said, Read on more to know what 9.13 release packs various features and addressing several bug fixes in the latest build.

Is the support of Debian 9.13 over?

This might seem shocking to the users who’re comfortable with this version of the operating system. Yes! with this last update, Debian is discontinuing the support of the ‘stretch’ series. But by ending the support in a good way with releasing of latest update 9.13. Five months after the update of 9.12 fixing many issues with the OS and security fixes. The company is urging the users to use Debian 10 for support of many applications ensuring stability and security.

What else Debian 9.13 feature?

Debian OS first came out in 2017 and served many users, providing long-lasting stability with strong security measures to protect your data. Supporting many hardware architectures like amd64 (64-bit intel) to arm and PowerPC. And contains many fixes such as a heap overflow fix for the libvnc server. And workaround of downgrading Intel sky lake microcode file to fix hang on booting of OS in some CPUs. Updated NVIDIA drivers for security fixes and the release of new ClamAV to fix bugs. As well as heap buffer overflow fixes for the CUPS print server and D-Bus denial of service issue fix. And other general fixes for bug and security problems.

Although Debian 9 support is discontinuing. All hope is not lost as users can switch to Debian 10 for more user-friendly UI and supported architecture for older hardware. And upcoming Debian 11 which is still under development and the final version will release in 2021.

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