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Destiny 2 is Down for Today With its Second Inventory that is Deleting Bug in as Many Weeks.

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Destiny 2 is down for now –

Well essentially, according to the players, they have noticed that some of the commodities in their inventories had been missing or simply just got deleted. This actually was following an update that basically added the empyrean foundation community event to the game.

How did they fix this problem –

So basically, what they did was that Bungie quickly brought destiny two games offline so that they can do emergency maintenance with the help of that they can fix the problem. Well, this was not as easy as it seems. It took them many days to find the problem, but unfortunately, the solution of this was to roll back the state of the game to just before reset. And also, when someone tries to jump in at the reset, it actually leads and resulting in losing many important items and progress that they have earned while playing the game. This issue takes place twice this week.

The issue which had taken place a few days ago happened again. Also, yesterday’s morning reset and as well as hotfix were met with the same issue which happened a few days ago or last week. Like the previous time, players’ inventories got missing items, and this same thing happened again. Bungie had to take destiny two dawn in order to do the emergency maintenance as before.

As Bungie already familiar with the problem still, the servers have been offline for a few days. As they are working on resolving the issue and fixing the bugs. This issue will get solved soon. They are trying their best to fix this problem permanently, as this is a problem for both the leaders as well as players. If you need more information regarding this issue of the games, you can visit its official website.

Reetika Kachchhwa