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Destiny 2: The best way to ensure victory is in understanding which class you’re most suitable with ??

In the world of Destiny 2, the players will always have to make choices while deciding on their gear and loadouts, but when one choice you will have to put before all else is when it comes to creating your character.

Whether it’s Titans, Warlocks, or Hunters, everyone has their own unique gifts, curses, and skill sets that are suitable under different conditions or situations; hence, choosing the right class will make all the difference in one’s journey through Destiny.

Players get to create three characters, which means everyone will have a character of each class which they can switch between. But players tend to focus all their efforts on their main character, so its important to stick to the class you’re most comfortable with because that’s what the common mindset of players tend to be.

Hero Classes

10. Support Abilities: Warlock- This is a safe class for those who like using support or healer class in multiplayer games. They can get a Healing Rift, which heals teammates as well as an Empowering Rift, which raises weapon damage.

9. Instant Cover: Titan- Similar to Warlocks, a Titan can provide protection to the team by creating a protective barricade anywhere on the battlefield and can give an edge to anyone caught in a pinch.

8. Quick Dodge: Hunter- Hunters have the agility in the game. They don’t get rifts or barricades but can perform quick dodges to get out of tough spots thanks to their speed.

7. Best Supers: Warlock- When it comes to the strongest super abilities, the Warlock comes first. Their supers do an insanely high amount of damage and cover a large area as well.

6. Most Resilient: Titan- As the name suggested, Titans are the most durable and serve as the team’s tanks. They are best suited to fight in the front lines.

5. Best Agility: Hunter- They are more squishy than the others, but with their speed, they can make up for it. They are hard to be targeted due to this, but those who specialize in Hunters require a lot of skill as they tend to die before their teammates.

4. Best Regeneration: Warlock- They are not big on resilience or mobility, but they do have good regeneration. They take no time in patching up and returning to the battle.

3. Best Crowd Control: Titan- They are known for their resilience, but they can also clear paths due to their excellent crowd controlling abilities.

2. Best Damage Output: Hunter- In the right hands, a hunter can deal devastating damage, and they have what it takes to take out a raid boss in the early game.

1. Coolest Armour: Warlock- Your attire in the game is also an important factor, so make sure to dress up as cool as you can. And when it comes to awesome armor themes, Warlocks got lucky as they have some visually appealing pieces of clothing.