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Elon Musk says internet beaming Starlink satellite system is ‘not ready yet’

By Reetika Kachchhwa

A little about Elon Musk –

Everybody knows him; he is an engineer and technology entrepreneur. He is the founder, CEO, and as well as chief engineer and designer of space X. He holds citizenship in South Africa, Canada, and also the US. He is a product architect of Tesla Inc, founder of The Boring Company and co-founder of Neuralunk, co-chairman of OpenAir.  He was ranked 21st on the Forbes list of The World’s Most Powerful People. Also, he has a net worth of $23.6 billion and the 40th richest person in the world.

What Elon Musk said about the satellite –

According to the news, Elon musk’s ambitious internet attention gainer starling satellite system is not ready for commercial use right now. If you don’t know what exactly the project is, so it’s full name is Starlink satellite constellation, it is basically a project which is undertaken by Elon Musk’s space research company that is space X. A user tweet who asked Elon about the Starlink satellite that could be deployed in the parts of Australia that are about to lose connectivity of the internet and  Musk actually confirmed the status of the satellite system. Space X actually aims to deliver about a total of 42000 satellite internet connectivity across the globe. This launched its first payload in 2018.

Elon musk’s space X company delivered about 60 satellites in orbit around the earth in 2019. However, this launched actually got delayed and going to take place in 2020 near December of 20. Well, Elon musk is not only one who is working with the satellite system around the earth. Jeff Bezos is also working on a similar satellite system. He owned the company named Blue Origin. This is actually named as project Kuiper, which only aims to deploy around 3236 satellites in the lower part of the earth orbit, which helps and provides internet connectivity all over the globe.

Reetika Kachchhwa