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Female Wolverine Is Still a big Thing for everyone : X-23 Is Taking the Mantle again ?

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Female Wolverine –

If you are a big fan of the X men comic storyline, then you should definitely hear of the name X – 23, this is actually known for now as the replacement name for the female Wolverine. So basically, this name was introduced for the first time in NYX #3 and also considered as a female clone of the original hero, which is loved by many lovers, who actually got passed away in the comic making.

And after this incident, the X- 23 had to stop for some time, and luckily because of Logan, this again started as he returned to the battlefield. When the actor came back to continue his role of Wolverine that has left something of a dilemma, X-23, whose real name is Laura Kinney,  she will be going to play the role of the female Wolverine and had taken on the name of Wolverine in honor of Logan.

X-23 female wolverine is back again –

Now let’s talk about the part of the female Wolverine. So basically, she is a part of a small group of people who have Power and basically know as the mutants. X-23  returned to her role as a female Wolverine.  So basically, she is a part of a small group who together head into a realm which is known as the vault. So basically, according to her personality,  this role is perfectly suited for her.

She has a new outfit and also has a mask, which is similar to that of the Wolverine that makes her look indistinguishable from the original hero. So basically, with this announcement of the female Wolverine, she was loved by many people, especially those who are a huge fan of female Wolverine. This comic is actually has a very great impact on the people. This is going to be a great success.


Reetika Kachchhwa