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Five basic measures to avoid COVID 19. What are they? Check out by tapping on the post!!

By Manan Jain

The whole world is troubled and fed up with the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic crisis. The good news these days is like a needle lost in a haystack! But here is something that you can do for prevention and the safety of you, your family, friends, and other citizens. Read below to know the basic but most important five tips and precautions that you SHOULD take, to win the war with this silent and invisible enemy, the novel coronavirus!

1) Social distancing yourself when you leave your house –

The list of basic techniques to avoid the COVID-19 starts with social distancing. Social distance yourself with others by six feet when you leave your house. This will prevent any droplets containing the COVID-19 virus to reach you. The last stage, that is the community transmission can be prevented by this small step easily.

2) Washing your hands frequently-

Whenever you go out of your house, keep a 60-70 percent alcohol-based hand sanitizer with you. Wash your hands with it whenever you touch anything, though refrain from touching any object if not necessary in the first place. Whenever outside, do not touch your face or body at all, as by chance if the virus gets on your hands, it wouldn’t be able to affect you. When coming back in your house, wash your hands very thoroughly and also sprinkle disinfectant spray or clean the objects and gates, locks, etc. that you touched.

3) Wear a mask –

Wear a face mask even though you think it’s ugly! Because it’s not just for your protection, but also for others. Sometimes you may have COVID 19 virus inside your body, but you may not know as you got lucky and don’t have any symptoms. You may go on to infect others who may get the symptoms. This is known as passive transmission. Studies have shown that wearing a face mask can save you from getting infected or infecting others greatly.

Reduction of transmission by wearing a face mask.
4) Going for help if you feel like it –

You should go for help if you think you have the symptoms of COVID 19. Many people do not go thinking they will defeat the virus by home remedies. Some people are also willingly ignorant, due to the stigma and social norms attached to this pandemic. If ever you or your family members feel like it, go for COVID 19 test willingly, or at least call your doctor if any, or go to the nearby hospital. This will not only save you and your family from later problems but also save others from unknowingly getting infected from you.

5) Do not eat outside food.

Do not eat outside street food even though the shops must be opened. These places have a high chance of containing the virus as many others come there for the food. It is also dangerous as this food may be a decreasing factor for your immunity power, which should be at the top given the current situations. Eat healthy homemade food like vegetables, fruits, soup, and herbal tea or kadhai. Exercise daily because just eating won’t get you anywhere, but also exercising will boost your metabolism. First, it will be tough but take the starting steps and make it a routine, keep a chart or diary and tick your daily goals so cheating on any day will make you feel guilty. And lastly, talk to others and practice meditation and yoga if you feel your mental health getting affected by this ongoing pandemic, which is very common though many don’t talk about this.

And in the end, don’t just read these steps and watch the news every day, bring them to implementation!

Manan Jain