From Avengers: End game till now : Eternal Set Photos Show Off Kit Harrington’s Black Knight!!!

From Avengers: End game till now, it seems a light yeat has been passed for Marvel Studios. The Studio is currently working hard on its new big project after the Avengers: End Game. The movie they are working next is The Eternals, which will be having Black Knight as the lead role. The new hero Black Knight is gonna fight in the war against Deviant in the next movie.

Game Of Thrones actor Kit Harington aka Jon Snow is going to play the role of Black Knight in the movie, whose real name is Dane Whitman. Some set images of the movie have already been leaked in the movie. Fans are getting the nee hero in action thanks to the leaked pictures from the set of the movie.

There have been many talks about the new movie The Eternals and also about Black Knight. There are questions as to how The External will shape the future of Marvel Universe and what comes ahead of it. The question mainly arises as of now the mightiest heroes of Earth are taking a break after Avengers: End Game.

There might be a chance that Black Knight is going to play a major role in the upcoming Marvel movies and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) because Marvel Studios is giving the role to Kit Harrington.

Marvel Studios’ head also hinted that Black Knight is going to play a big role in the future MCU. He said that he is happy that Kit Harington accepted the role who is a great actor. He then hinted by saying that it is a part that could grow into something else in the future MCU.

It is still unclear what The Eternals will bring in the MCU and what Black Knight is going to do. There is also a question of how Black Knight is going to acquire the Ebony blade that gives him the powers of Balck Knight.

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