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As of Apple AirTags, the Apple’s tile competitor is to be seen in October!!! Specs and Features LEAKED!!!

As of Apple AirTags, the Apple’s tile competitor is to be seen in October…

The rumored AirTags seem quite similar to iBeacon.Who even knew that Apple would first debate in IOS in 2014, through its implementation of Bluetooth low energy wireless technology. The location-based information and services are that of the iPhone. The perfect example is that of a retailer beaconing in his shop.

The retailer’s app might pass the shop…

The retailer’s app might pass the shop to get an alert for a special offer. In the context of the rumored new tracker tags, the work will be a bit different. As of the tile’s tags, there is an ability to clip the Air Tags onto our keys. Given the fact about the bag or child’s toy, there is an ability to slip into the wallet or passport.

It’s totally adjustable!

The thing can be stuck on a device, remote control, outdoor gear, or other small electronics. And there is indeed a track of lots of different items. Nothing has officially been confirmed to date. Apple,  has dropped a number of breadcrumbs.

Those of you don’t know, the product is highly possible. And there is no response to request for comment. As per all the rumors, Apple is a possible tracker tag tech. For the name AirTags, it has appeared in an Apple support video. For the users, they have to erase their iPhone and even return it to the factory settings.

What about the video

The video is listed as private on YouTube. The demonstrator navigates to the Find My iPhone page in the phone’s settings. The option for enabling offline can be found in “this device and Air Tags”.In the context of the name Air Tags, it was previously spotted by 9 to 5 Mac in the I.O.S 13.2.



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