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PS5 Preorders have BEGUN!!! But it might be Difficult this time to Get One!!! Know WHY???

Sony has literally no justification for this year’s treatment of its potential consumers when it comes to providing timely information on a product that it desperately wants to sell. Yes, the novel coronavirus pandemic has affected week and-to-day life and regular company, making it incredibly difficult for tech firms to stick to their release and market playbooks for the various products that this year will have to hit stores.

Some moved to virtual releases, with events in Apple and Samsung standing out very quickly. Others went mainly for daily news releases, and with the Xbox Series X and S consoles, that’s what Microsoft did.

Preorders for PS5 have begun but It might be difficult this time to get one!!! Know WHY???

By dragging on news releases for as long as possible, Sony attempted to build buzz around the PS5. It combined virtual events with regular press events, but it seemed disjointed to the whole endeavor. At the end of an online-only gaming event, the PS5 concept was unveiled in a teaser. We only learned more specifics about the layout later, and Sony has yet to disclose more console information or display the latest user interface.

Things got even worse on Wednesday when the same trick was repeated by Sony. Sony hurried through PS5 pricing details and release dates at the end of the broadcast, after 40 minutes of game trailers, without proving all the knowledge gamers wanted.

The PS5 will be released in the United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea on November 12th, followed a week later by the rest of the world. Pricing begins for the PS5 Digital Version at $399 and for the standard PS5 model at $499.

Several products, including the $69.99 DualSense Wireless Controller, $99.99 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, $59.99 HD Camera, $29.99 Media Remote, and $29.99 DualSense Charging Station, will be eligible on launch day.