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Gartner: Top 10 strategic technology trends in 2020

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Let’s check out 10 strategic Trends of GARTNER:

  • Hyperautomation – this is a combination of multiple machine learning. Tools like packaged software and automation tools are used to deliver work.  It has all the steps that are to discover, analyze, design, and many more.
  • Multi experience – well, in the future, the users will definitely go to experience a shift in how they perceive as well as how they interact with the digital world. The way people interact with the digital world is absolutely is changing. Virtual reality augmented reality and mixed reality helping the people to see the digital world differently. This definitely is going to leads to the future to be a better and multimodal experience.
  • The democratization of Expertise – this is basically helping as well as focusing on providing people with access to technologies like ML or maybe business domains like sale process with the help of simplified experience.
  • Human Augmentation – this basically understands how one can use technology or deliver the improvements as in an amazing way to humans. This is actually can change the physical capabilities of humans by just using technology on their bodies.

  • Transparency and Traceability – nowadays, consumers are more aware of their personal information, and they are also protecting it. Not only people but organizations and as well as government securing the data and transparency and traceability, are going to support this.
  • The Empowered Edge – this is actually a type of computing topology in which basic information is delivered and placed closed to the sources. It helps and tries to reduce the traffic and also reduces latency.
  • Distributed Cloud – this actually shows a slight shift from the centralized model of public cloud service, and distribution to different locations.
  • AI Security – this will going to be applied as an augment decision making by humans all over the world.
  • Practical Blockchain – it helps to enable trust, value exchange all over the business ecosystem by just lowering costs and decreasing transaction settlement time
  • Autonomous Things – these are basically physical devices used as AI to automate a function, and they are robots, drones, autonomous vehicles.
Reetika Kachchhwa