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Good news. Microsoft to Office 365 ProPlus users: This new feature cuts malicious docs risks.

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Microsoft to Office 365 Pro Plus users –

So basically, you all have been aware of this is that the feature will now be going to cut all the unwanted and vicious document risks. So, according to the news, Microsoft has actually rolled out the previews so that they can improve and also enhanced experience when users using office protected view.

Not only that, but Microsoft has also released the public previews of an office 365 pro plus, and this will work as a security feature that promised its users to snatch the malware when those who are using open office documents outside the protected view sandbox.

So the feature they add in this is actually known as safe documents. This is also known as safe docs. Its main work is to guard users Documents against malicious. This feature has entirely to help its users to protect their data and files from any malware.

Microsoft’s application safeguard –

Now, as per the latest news, Microsoft has also broadened its security for office 365 that of pro plus. This application guard was not first for this, but also before that, it arrived for an edge, and now it is for office 365 pro plus.

Those who are going to use this can open untrusted office words, PowerPoint, as well as ms, excel, which is a kind of attachment ina virtualized container.

Nowadays, users only print documents or papers when they find it absolutely essential.  According to Ron Prssner, who is actually the director of program management, he said ‘that printing is still a common request in an office surrounding.”

Safe docs basically mean that users are not actually individual asked to decide whether all the documents are correct or should be trusted opening it. So this will help many people as well as can save their documents from malware.

Reetika Kachchhwa