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| On 9 months ago

Google Has Finally Acquired the Fitness Giant Fitbit.

By Ranjita Paul

Over time Google has taken over some real potential brands. Recently, Google has purchased another money rolling brand. Yes, you heard that, right! Google has confirmed that it is acquiring the fitness bands named Fitbit.

Google’s hardware chief Rick Osterloh says this an excellent opportunity to invest in wear OS. Rick will see the Fitbit operations right from the start. Although on the other hand, Nest initially operated under the Alphabet umbrella as an independent company.

Moreover, it seems as if this sudden acquisition of Fitbit by Google will inevitably lead the launch of a new Google smartwatch. It is still skeptical whether Google will reconcile its Wear OS with Fitbit’s. This recent acquisition can benefit Google in several ways. For instance, Fitbit fills an essential gap in Google’s wearable efforts. Facebook was also supposed to acquire the fitness giant.

The social networking giant Facebook was also interested in acquiring Fitbit but was outdone by Google. The cause is monetary; it seems. Google bought Fitbit at $2.1 billion. On the other hand, Facebook was interested but only offered 1 billion or roughly half. Well, now it seems like Google is looking forward to launching their own range aking with the name of Fitbit company.

Ranjita Paul