Google Maps Introduce New features!!! Explore Button and Google Lens integrations ADDED!!! Details here!!!

By Riya Kumari

Google Maps is one of the largely used apps for navigation. Recently, Google has declared openly about the new updates of this app. The ample crucial of all the updates are the Explore button and Google Lens integrations. Read further to know in detail how it has made a much better experience.

Google Maps is a trusted app that helps users to travel to their destination with proper routes. According to the research in 2020, there are over one billion people who used google map every month. Some new updates make navigation more comfortable and interactive.

Google Maps’ update of Music Streaming Integration

Most of the people want to listen to music while traveling and they faced problem in switching between music and navigation apps. However, google maps have figured out the problem and allowed the integration of Spotify, which facilitates users to be able to access Spotify while using Google Maps.

Users can likewise link to Apple Music or Google Play Music also, permitting you to have the option to tune in to your playlists right away. While this might be a basic update, this is without a doubt an invite expansion to Google Maps, as it is an update that improves the user experience.

Google Assistant Integration

During your drive, you may need to get to visits like accommodation stores and service stations en route. In other route applications, searching for these visits implies doing another route trip, which implies that you may need to reset your guide to rearrange.

Google Maps figured out this issue by incorporating Google Assistant, alongside a pursuit menu, to have the option to assist users with searching for close by areas en route to their goal.

There are some other updates also like google maps that have added a very reasonable update. Sometimes we need to tell our family or friends where we are while driving. Thus, it had added the Share Trip Progress button. This will help you to send messages about how far you are from your destination. Earlier, it was announced that they are adding the explore tab by which you can see nearby the best location.

Google Maps stays as the best navigation apps amongst other route navigator applications around, and with these fresh updates, greater usefulness permits users to have the option to do much more. Voyaging and driving are some of the most normal human activities, and for an application to have the option to improve this experience a lot of aides from multiple points of view.

Riya Kumari