Google to play the long game, will start playing nice with Microsoft Office – Let us check out the details !!

Google, a world’s leading MNC, has hired Microsoft’s(another global MNC) former head of strategy to lead up its own G Suite wing, which is a collection of apps provided by Google play is now making them show how they look at mountain tasks appear for MNCs.

The new report is that the slack competitor is working on also joins with Microsoft office better and the division responsible for Google cloud will play nicer to
Microsoft office.

Similar to Microsoft’s attitude of “we’ll-work-with-everyone,” Satya Nadella is pushing Former Microsoft’s head of strategy Javier Soltero to make G Suite to play nice with its competitors, namely Microsoft Office.

Because of this change in strategy, the result came as that Google an organization famous for signing giant contracts that require the organization’s entire pipeline to make the switch instead are working on a departmental level. In addition to this, Google will allow it’s G suite to be of both Microsoft and Google making Goole to be superseded.

Nadella’s trick that will help Google to help people to switch from Office suite to G Suite has been termed hope.

Some famous magazines claim that these apps will surely replace apps like word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. with the G Suite apps that will make users more comfortable than the earlier ones. It is only possible because of this slow-burn process that will also benefit Microsoft.

Sisko and WebX “Trojan horse” strategy will also benefit from this along with Microsoft.
It was this that Google thought would help them in the long term with their strategy of going along to get along first happened at Google cloud.

We know that Google has overcome Microsoft on both web and mobile technology, so the main question still remains that why not they target their enterprise?

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