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GTA IV has disappeared from Steam because of Games for Windows Live

Rockstar Games have confirmed the reason for Grand Theft Auto IV to be no longer available to purchase a stream. The reason mentioned is that Microsoft is “no longer supporting” the reliance on the Game For Windows Live (GFWL) platform. This decision of Rockstar Games will not affect players who already own games in the past from a stream. They can continue to play without any interruption. Rockstar has removed the “Add to Cart” button from the stream so no one can further purchase it.

Rockstars Spokesperson said that Grand Theft Auto IV was originally created for Game For Windows Live platform, and as Microsoft is not supporting Game For Windows Live, they will not be able to generate any additional keys in the future. This will also affect the selling of the current version of the game. The spokesperson also said that they are looking for other ways to disturb GTA IV for PC. Once development information regarding it will be shared as soon as possible.

GTA IV using the Game For Windows Live platform has caused many issues for a time. Microsoft started narrowing down its PC gaming platform in 2013. This closing started with shutting down the Game For Windows Live store, but Rockstar never excluded this service from the game completely. There are still many forums and communities that explain to you how to overcome the difficulties in playing GTA IV on Game For Windows Live platform.

Rockstar is also not the first company to remove GFWL from one of its games. Other companies have done it in the past. Other companies started doing it in 2013 only with confirmation that Microsoft is a movie out of it.