Guide to the Best Five PASSWORD MANAGERS of 2020!!! Safe, Reliable and Easy to Use!!!

By Anchal Gupta

Password Managers are safe, reliable, and easy to use.  These are the solutions for all the problems of remembering passwords of different websites and apps. Here you will get to know about certain prominent Password Managers which are safe and reliable as well as easy to use!!!

It is a difficult task to memorize passwords when you have many. As a businessman or any professional, you need to remember many passwords which you tend to forget sometimes. Most people write them on a sheet so that their passwords do not get lost even after knowing that it is a very difficult task to do. But why do this when you can have a solution for keeping all your passwords safe, secure with a Password Manager.

Password Managers are the software that is specially designed for keeping your passwords and managing your online credentials. All your passwords are encrypted in a database that is safely hidden under master passwords.

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But choosing a Password manager that is safe, secure as well as easy to use can be a complicated task to do. Many password managers might misuse your crucial pieces of information and might expose them publicly which will definitely endanger your work as well as privacy. Hence, choosing a good and safe password manager is a must. Therefore, to solve this problem, there are several safe and easy-to-use password managers that have been mentioned along with their features.

Password Managers that are safe and reliable:

Not all password managers are free to use. But some of them provide limited features in their free versions and you can further opt for the premium versions to use more features. While there are some that provide certain days for a free trial and you need to upgrade it to the premium version. There are some of the apps mentioned below which you can opt as per your convenience:


Dashlane is the password manager that supports the following platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer are the web browsers that are supported by Dashlane.

Dashlane has a user-friendly interface that helps you to generate strong passwords easily and to store all the passwords securely. After filling your password once, Dashlanes auto-fills your passwords every time saving your precious time. Apart from saving passwords, you can also save other personal details regarding payment or any other which saves your time in filling online forms.

You can use the app for free till the time you have less than 50 passwords to generate which needs to be used only on one device. The free version also supports two-factor authentication. You can upgrade it to the premium version for $60 per year and $120 per year for Premium plus to unlock more unique features.


LastPass is one of the famous brands as it provides various interesting features along with access to the unlimited number of devices per user. It works on all dominant mobile and desktop platforms and web browsers.

You can upgrade it to the premium version which will cost you $36 per year for advanced features like advanced multi-factor authentication options along with 1 GB of encrypted file storage capacity, and certain other features.

Intuitive Password:

This app takes your privacy concerns seriously and hides all your valuable encrypted data behind firewalls. It is available for Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS and supports web browsers like Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Chrome.

Along with providing security to your information, it also offers you a robust antivirus program. The antivirus program is updated on a regular basis. Intuitive Password also offers you two-factor authentication using the TOTP algorithm, and messaging-based OTP algorithm for SMS.


1Password is one of the popular apps for managing your passwords. This password manager is mostly suited for those who are quite concerned about their privacy and security. The app protects your crucial and sensitive login credentials with end-to-end encryption.

This can be availed on Windows, Linux, Android, Chrome, iOS. It fills in credentials, suggests passwords, and also provide two-factor authentication.

The app allows you to enjoy a free trial of 30 days. After the completion of the respective 30 days, you need to opt for the premium version at $30 per year.


Keeper is a well-known password manager which helps you to protect your passwords with airtight encryption. It allows various types of two-factor authentication which helps to keep straight away from the hackers and to keep your information safe.

It is supported on the following platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS; and supports web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

You can pay $30 per year to avail of personal plans of the app which allows you to store your data on multiple devices.

Other well-known and easy to use Password Managers include NordPass, LogMeOnce, Sticky Password, RoboForm, PassCamp, KeePass Password Safe, and others.

You can use any one of the password managers mentioned above as per your suitability which will easier your works and decrease your hard work for memorizing all your passwords.

Anchal Gupta