Here are the BEST Android Emulators for your Windows PC and Mac in 2020!!!

By author.divka

An Android Emulator or and Android Virtual Device (AVD) represents an android device, virtually. It uses software as well as hardware and runs on your computer’s OS. People use it to test android applications directly on their PC. It duplicates of mimics the guest device’s features. A bit confusing, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

How do Android emulators work?

Android emulators essentially copy the guest device’s hardware. Your device’s applications can now run at the same speed as your PC. It is a good way to run Android as the OS on your PC. So, you have a virtual smartphone on your PC!

What’s the use of Android emulators?

Top 5 Android EmulatorsSome emulators can run an application, while others can run an entire operating system. Top 5 Android Emulators. It is also good for testing apps beforehand.

Interestingly, gamers use Android emulators for the computer’s keyboard and mouse for gaming. It offers ease of gaming and the battery life of PCs is way better than any smart device. Gamers are the majority group of people who use Android emulators.

Bluestacks Android Emulator
Source: Bluestacks

The best Emulators for your PC are listed here

  1. LDPlayer: it is a free-source emulator for gamers. It has a wide variety of game-oriented features and it gets updates nearly every month!
  2. Android Studio’s Emulator: another free-source emulator, it might be the best tool for app developers. With many features that help develop games and apps specifically for android, it is also used to test apps.
  3. ARChon: it is different from the other emulators as you install it as a Chrome extension. Although it is difficult to work with, you can use it on almost any OS. ARChon is also free to use.
  4. Bliss OS: you may install it for free or donate a small amount. It works via a virtual machine, so it may be difficult if you’ve never made a virtual machine before.
  5. Bluestacks- it has a free version and also offers a subscription of about $2 per month. Being the most commonly used emulator, it works with both Windows and Mac.