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Here comes the Grammy awards 2020 ! Winners Rosalía and Alejandro Sanz – Let’s checkout there categories !!

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Let’s talk about Rosalía –

She is a Spanish singer and also a songwriter. She is actually best known for her modern interpretation of flamenco music. She has received various awards, which also includes five Latin Grammy awards.

Let’s talk about Alejandro Sanz –

Alejandro Sanz is basically a Spanish musician, singer as well as a composer of the songs. He actually won 17 Latin Grammy awards and as well as three Grammy awards.

Rosalía, as well as Alejandro Sanz, they both got the award. This is 62nd Grammy awards, which also featured in the tributes to the basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna who was just 13.  Everyone was shocked by this news, and they were standing in the show heartbroken in the house, which was built by Kobe.

Rosalía, who is just 26 years old she becomes the first Spanish woman who wins an MTV award in August and also won two Latin Grammy awards in the year 2018. Rosalía’s album was actually her final university project for her degree in music studies. He Malamente forms a different and created s new genre of the urban pop in just one night. So basically, in this Grammy awards, Rosalía’s album was actually in competition with X 100pte, which was by bad bunny, oasis by J. Galvin and bad bunny, and many more.

Alejandro Sanz actually won the best Latin pop album for his work that is #eldisco. He was not able to take up his award, but he wrote in his twitter about his winning, and he said that “Too much to say and everything to show. Thank you. I’m full of pride for #ELDISCO, for each and every one of you who, every day, pushes me to keep on and to fight for what I love.” that’s what he wrote in his tweet.

Reetika Kachchhwa