Here’s how mining Cryptocurrency may help struggling scientists in their fight against COVID-19.

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In order to combat the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus, companies have tried to come up with novel ideas of fighting against it. Recently, a computer hardware manufacturer is asking gamers to contribute their computing powers in order to fight against this deadly pandemic. Similarly, bitcoin miners can donate their extra computing power but at the cost of some of their earnings.

One of the leading producers of graphics cards named Nvidia, a US-based company, has persuaded gamers to install the  [email protected] application. It is a project that gathers unused computing power into research in the disease.

Stanford University’s Pande Lab developed [email protected] in California in 2000. It uses the processing power of people’s computers from around the globe to research on diseases like Cancer, ALS, and Parkinson’s.

The COVID-19 has indeed wrecked the world and has claimed over 6000 lives. Scientists all over the world are working day and night to find a solution to this disease.

[email protected] recently announced that it was ready to contribute some computing resources to researchers working on Coronavirus. It is supposed to help the scientists understand how the virus is interacting with humans and why it is spreading at such a vast rate.


Bitcoin miners use ultrapowerful graphic cards for usage in specialized computers, which are used for drilling for Bitcoin. Mining rigs require extra force to solve complex computational problems. The more powerful the equipment is, the more Bitcoin it produces.

Moreover, Bitcoin miners surely have firepower.  According to a site that tracks Bitcoin energy consumption, known as Digiconomist, a single year of Bitcoin mining costs $3.66 billion. It also produces a carbon footprint comparable to that produced by Denmark.

Bitcoiners, like those on Reddit, are calling upon miners to contribute their valuable power to this project. It may benefit everyone by being able to produce a vaccine for COVID-19 as of now.