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Highschool DXD Season 5: Release date, volumes and details !! A fifth season doesn’t seem impossible for the widely popular anime!!

By Rakesh Pillai

Anyone whose seen Highschool DxD will quickly become a fan and can easily understand why people have been hyping it up so much. And it’s NOT because there are a lot of seductive women in it.

The storyline and action are pretty great to secure it a spot in the must-watch anime list. It kicked off in 2012, and there have been four seasons till now. The manga has been equally on fire, and people who cannot wait for the series to come out are switching on to it.

Since four seasons have come out, it’s not impossible to think that a fifth season will be coming out as well. When it comes, it wm be continuing the Hero Oppai Dragon arc, which had started in the fourth season, and it covered two volumes- 9 and 10.

Another reason for you to love it is that the anime has closely followed the manga without bringing in any of their ideas into the mix. Such studios are always worthy of the respect of all anime and manga geeks.

So when will Season 5 release?

Season four was released on April 10, 2018, so it’s been quite a while since then. If rumours and speculations are to be believed, it will be releasing in mid- 2020. Both Passion Studio and Sueda, who are in charge of the anime, haven’t made any announcements regarding the release. But due to this, we cannot guarantee that it will even release this year, so yeah, that’s quite disappointing, isn’t it?

As for the plot so far, it is about a high school student named Issei Hyoudou, who gets reincarnated as a Devil after getting killed on his first date. Then begins his journey of becoming a ‘Harem King’ when he joins the Occult Research Club.

It will surely be fun to see what is going to happen next. Let’s hope the next season comes sooner than we think!

Rakesh Pillai