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Horses, Equine Law And The Future Of The Autonomous Vehicle Legal Framework

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Future of autonomous vehicles –

In the near future, there are more technologies to come, and one of the main technology is of autonomous vehicles. In these, there is a development and advancement in the GPS accuracy as well as the ownership of the data.  These driverless vehicles are just near the corner for Australia. They also have vehicle connectivity, cybersecurity, and also they have the capability of making ethical decisions. Right now, they are checking the safety, license, certificate, and as well as interaction with new driverless technology. There are many challenges for people to adopt this technology and also prepare ourselves for this new innovation. Also, regarding this, many issues were raised at Roads Australia’s national stakeholder’s briefing on a driverless rollout in Australia.

Why is this a challenge?

In the near future, people are going to use their smartphones to call a driverless only just by the use of the app. This innovation is likely to be cheaper than the private car, and this will definitely go to the decline of private car ownership. So this technology is not only going to affect people but also the drivers who have their own private taxis. This is also going to offer a ride-sharing concept, and city design will go to less rely on densification. This is also going to save the land, and also there will be the distribution of the land which is away from areas with easily accessible to the roads. This will also emerge that the road network will go to see as unclaimed and open space.

In the past year, the roads have always been owned and managed by governments, whereas the vehicles have largely been owned and maintained by individuals, and the use of road space has not been based on a user-pay model. This new technology is going to be challenging the old technology. Accordingly, this is going to be a great success.

Reetika Kachchhwa