How NVIDIA Is Using Its GPU Technology To Fight Against COVID-19 Virus? check it now!!

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The fight we are doing against the COVID-19 pandemic reached the domains of GPU mining, as the U.S. chip manufacturer NVIDIA launched a scheme for users to use their PC resources for helping the cause. GPU’s play a vital role in helping the scientific community that is involved in researching genome analysis.

To fight with this rapidly spreading threat of COVID-19, NVIDIA is building its mass platform, Parabricks, that is free for 90 days to all researchers who have been working on sequencing the coronavirus and the genes of people oppressed by COVID-19. The tool is GPU-accelerated genetically analyzed toolkit, where the graphic processing power took a process that earlier took many days. Still, now through its use, it might be trained and achieved in just a matter of few hours. This Parabricks team in December joined NVIDIA by giving the latest tool for completing that work. The GPU-maker is provided with links to various cloud-based GPU service providers to bend the barrier to entry.

A drastic cut down on genomic sequencing in the past years still requires a larger volume of computing hardware, and Parabricks, which was obtained by NVIDIA last year, had developed technology that is possible to sequence a human gene in an hour or less by using an only one server. The speed when it comes to all aspects of the repeated effort to fight against the spread of the virus, and also the respiratory illness that it might cause. One of the toughest challenges is that researchers and scientists working to build drug therapies and vaccines for the novel Coronavirus face is lack of authentic information.
Many projects listed under [email protected] to fight this virus outbreak with given GPU power, aims to find out the possible vaccine that acts as a blockage of the virus.