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How to customise your AirPods’ double tap and long press gestures?

By Gaurav Kesari

Airpods are used for listening audio on the phones. It is also used to control Siri and listen to the music audios using some sort of gesture.

Depending upon the various types of airports, it can perform several actions. About all Apple Airpods are used to launch, play music, and go forward or back a track by tapping or pressing the gestures. One can customize an Airpods model according to one’s interest. And one can customize gesture-based noise control modes on AirPods Pro.

Step 1: Open AirPods Settings

For customizing the AirPods’ gestures, one should open Bluetooth settings. This can be done in three ways:

  • Open the settings application, then select Bluetooth.
  • Say to Siri, to “Open up Bluetooth Settings
  • Use the shortcut from the Management center

Now, make sure that the AirPods are connected as it is the only way to change the settings.

Step 2: Customize AirPods Gestures

One can easily rename the pods in the AirPods options. All the three pods, AirPods(1st Generation), AirPods(2nd Generation), and AirPods Professional have gestures that help in executing the motions.

Choice 1: AirPods(1st & 2nd Generation)

Different motions are assigned to each AirPod, but only one has to select only one motion. Click on the ‘Left’ or’Right’ to alter the shortcuts setting of the following choices below the Double-Tap on AirPod portion:

  • Siri: It activates the voice assistant.
  • Play/Pause: It engages, pauses, and resumes media.
  • Keep Track of: It skips forward one track in a playlist, album, etc.
  • Prior Track: It goes back to the previous track in a playlist, album, and many more.
  • Off: It disables the double-tap gesture from working on the AirPod.

If one has to use AirPod (2nd generation), one can activate by saying “Hey Siri” to Siri.

Choice 2: AirPods Professional

AirPods Pro has extra control over previous ones. For controlling in this model, one has to press gestures instead of double-taps, on the force sensors that are built into the stems of each AirPod.

  • Play/Pause: Squeeze once on the stem or press on its force sensor.
  • Next Track:  Squeeze twice on the stem or double-press its force sensor.
  • Previous Track: Squeeze three times on the stem or triple-press its force sensor.

Now, One has to use press and hold gesture for the force sensor. Under this section, choose ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ to change shortcuts for Siri and Noise Control.

Gaurav Kesari