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How to download images from Instagram — Android and PC ??

As we know that there is no inbuilt option on Instagram that downloads images to the phone memory, so the best option to get Instagram pictures is to use 3rd party apps.

The way I am going to tell is quite simple for casual users who do not require to install a 3rd party application on your device.

First I am going to tell on how to download Instagram images on Android device:-
Here are the step by step instructions for the above:-

1.) First of all, we have to open Instagram, and then we have to open the image we want to download.
2.) Then click on the three dots icon above the image shown in the top right corner.
3.) When we click on the dots, we will get some options, then click on the copy link option.
4.) When we copy the Link of the image, then we have to visit a site named
5.) Paste the Link in the text box by long pressing in the text box until the option of paste appears.
6.) Then we have to select the option download, which will be followed by the option of download image.
And Bam! You get the image downloaded on your Android device.

For the laptops, we have to use another way, namely Save -o-gram.
The steps are as follows:-
1). Visit and download the app from there and open it when the app is installed.
2). Enter anything such as username, hashtag, or Link to the text box on top to see images.
3). Then all we have to select the images we want to download, and then we have to click on the download the selected photo or download as a zip file.
And if you want to see the images later, you can just bookmark them, and you will be free of the burden of downloading the images
But still, if you want to download the images, then I have mentioned the methods to do it.