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How to Turn On WhatsApp’s New Dark Mode ?

By Reetika Kachchhwa

About what’s an app –

So let’s know a little about WhatsApp. So basically, it is an app for where you can talk to people via text, video calls, voice calls. You can share videos, pdf files, and Many more.

Nowadays, dark mode on any app is a kind of trend, and while many apps are getting its dark mode, WhatsApp will be going to be the next app that will get its dark mode. This is the most popular app which is used by billions of people and by almost everyone. This is a free messaging app that can set to get an aesthetic update of it. That is why it is going to offer now the dark mode, which is, in other words, knows as an unilluminated interface.

Now WhatsApp on dark mode –

As before, the black text always represented on the white background, but now trends are changing the developers of the app and operating system like that the experience can be an eyesore. The dark mode is actually a solution to the potential eye strain by inverting the colors. In September of 2018, the reputable outlet Wabetalnfo revealed that the WhatsApp is actually working on the dark mode of it. This news is actually reveled by Wabetalnfo thorough his twitter account he said that  “I am happy to exclusively give the good news: WhatsApp is finally working on a Dark Mode! It is a dream. There are many important secret references in a recent update. Be patient to see it out, hoping it will be full Oled friendly for Android phones, iPhone X and newer”.  The outlet has also posted many photographs of this dark mode. You have to update the app at first, and then you can simply go to the settings of the WhatsApp and turn the settings to the white mode to black mode.

Reetika Kachchhwa