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I’m finally hitting 144 fps in Rainbow Six Siege after switching to Vulkan” Api’s recent news!

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Rainbow six siege –

So basically, if you have ever played a rainbow six siege on your personal computer, then you must be familiar with Vulkan API. This actually comes public, which is siege’s most recent patch of balancing for a version of the game, which is running on Vulkan instead of direct x 11.

About Vulkan and its benefits –

Vulkan is basically a graphical API which is acts as the middle man between the game you play and your graphics card. Many big firms and UbiSoft is one of them; this is also using it because of ifs superior performance over the game’s current API, direct 11. And also, as compared to other hardware, the siege is basically run a little bit smoother sith Vulkan.

Best features of siege’s Vulkan –

It has many features but one of the main and the best features if this is that it had dynamic render scaling. So what is exactly is this? So basically, it is a new setting that is exclusive to the Vulkan. The version of that lets the players set a  target fps so that they can constantly reach for dynamically and scaling the render determination.
Let’s assume you have the hardware to reach the fps goal realistically, this will actually going to work.

Set a target for fps of 144, the game will run has more smoothly than ever. So in short words launching siege with Vulkan does not go to take any special tweaks or any time and if you play this on any steam, the launch of this game will be going to show up on an additional window which will then ask you that which version you would like to use, either it is Vulkan or standard.

And one more thing is that if you are launching the game from Uplay, then there should definitely be the same drop-down list when you press the play button.


Reetika Kachchhwa