Is any Food Service Working for Delivery During Corona Outbreak in USA?

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Due to coronavirus outbreak, U.S. consumers are using new methods to get their orders in the crisis like leaving bags of food on doorsteps or texting your delivery driver a picture of where you want your meal dropped off.
Covid-19 led Mcdonald’s, Starbucks, and other companies in china(where the outbreak originated) to use the contactless delivery last month as consumers were locked off at home.

Now that delivery concept is becoming common in other parts of the world.
On Friday, San Francisco-based Postmates introduces a new no-contact delivery option in its app in all us cities in which it operates.
The company said in a statement.-” We think it is a way to make both customers and the fleet comfortable while making and receiving deliveries”.
This new service option is called dropoff. When a customer places an order, three options pop up – delivery to the door, leave it at the door or meet the customer outside.

In the united states, approximately 700 people have been infected, and 27 people have died due to coronavirus. Last week the virus spread quickly from a couple of rules to the majority of states, which eventually resulted in new cases.

As more people choose to stay home to limit exposure, restaurant traffic could take a hit.

Technomic Inc, a consulting and research firm found that more than 30% of U.S population said that they would not leave their house or go to restaurants and only 13% of them said they would order more delivery

Reuters contacted U.S. delivery companies didn’t tell if they yet see any increase in demand.

But one for DoorDash Inc driver in the Washington, D.C. area said his shifts had gotten busier.

The driver said his pay per delivery, which usually rises during busier times or bad weather, has also steadily gone up as coronavirus cases are growing.

People are frightened to leave their houses and go to restaurants, he said.

“So they’re paying $15 to $20 delivery fees for a small fry and an ice cream scoop,” he said.