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Its like energy to us:Modern Technology and Online Gambling!!!!

By Gaurang Bhandari

Wait for a second and try to imagine our lives without technology, hard isn’t it, almost impossible. Technology has impacted our lives in such away. It has gradually entered and influenced every field massively. Entertainment, sports, education, culture, everything.

The casino business is the latest to be influenced by technology. The casinos are going online with live dealers to remove fears and insecurities, attractive interfaces, and virtual reality experience. They are trying to provide its users with the best live-like expertise, and this branch is growing.

The people are provided transparency, and they can hear what’s going on, they see everything that is happening while playing. The cards are dealt with in real-time along with wheel spinning and real dice getting rolled on a table.

An added advantage is that one can also interact with the live dealer and experience the same atmosphere as if you were in Vegas(well almost!). Thus People can have fun, chat with others, and do many things at the online casino in the comfort of sitting at home.

Online casinos are hit in India also. Few popular sites are Betway Casino, Leo Vegas, Royal Panda, amongst others.

Let’s take an example of Royal Panda, which is considered the top online casino in India.

It provides users with over 300 stunning casino games, support available 24×7, and withdrawal amount of up to rs 5000.

These sites provide exciting cash bonuses to new users, too, and accept all popular payment methods.

But as everything comes with obstacles, this has too. One of the obvious reasons being security, traditional gamblers(if we can call them) would prefer playing at a regular casino. Some people do not trust random number generators and want more transparency.

Gaurang Bhandari