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Jim Bridenstine asks for an additional Budget for the Artemis Program(moon landing), know more about the program and why is it so expensive .

By Alquamah Nasir

The appropriation bill in the house of representatives will approve $22.65 billion for the space agency in the fiscal year 2021. A similar budget which was received for the fiscal year 2020. And this is 3 million less than what Trump administration has asked for.

Jim Bridenstine, the administrator of NASA also said in the interview that it would be 20 to 30 billion dollars over the normal NASA budget which would be required for the moon landing mission and of course that money would be utilized in 5 years.

Why is this mission very important?

This mission would leave a mark in the pages of history as it will have a woman abroad and it will be the first time a woman will set foot on the surface of the moon. And this time we are planning to make a settlement on the moon. and this is for the first time in the history of America that NASA revealed the whole bill and budget publicly.

Bridgestone said that to kick-start this amazing space mission called Artemis program he has already requested the white House for an additional 1.6 billion dollars during the fiscal year 2020 in addition to a huge 21 billion budget that the president has already requested for this project. And he also mentioned that this is just a down payment for the program. The total collective cost for the project is yet to =be announced.

Why is this mission so expensive?

As CNN estimated, NASA is going to need an additional 5 to 6 billion each year for five years to make moon landing possible. It has also decided to invest in the architecture of Artemis that would also require tons of money. It is also developing a new space launch system as well as a new crew capsule called Orion. If we would rely on the information from our sources NASA is also developing a new space station called gateway like a transit camp for the astronaut going to the moon.
And we should not forget the landing system that is an essential part of the mission that will also cause a lot to make the launching and the landing systems.

What if the demand for the money is unfulfilled?

If NASA doesn’t get funds it will resort to reducing the money from other programs, meanwhile, Bridenstine said that it would not be easier to get money by cutting out from the various other programs by NASA. He also requests the Congress for 20 to 30 billion dollars but that’s less likely to happen because the last boosting fund NASA got was during 1960, which was mainly because of the peer pressure of the cold war.

And if it doesn’t get the money for Artemis NASA’s vision is not becoming a reality anytime soon.

Alquamah Nasir