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Laser Hair Removal myths and facts

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Myth 1: Laser Hair Removal causes the hair to grow more dense and frequent – Fact 1–  actually, if you take treatment of laser hair removal, it will reduce hair about 10 to 25 percent in the growth. Of someone use, this treatment, hair visibility is also reduced. But also after a long time later it will grow again, but this time the hair return much lighter than before.

Myth 2:  Laser Hair Removal is not safe-Fact 2- Laser hair removal is safe and also totally depends on the machine which is used. According to the FDA, people should go to only those who are certified, Dermatologists.

Myth 3: Laser Hair Removal exposes you to radiation –Fact 3: FDA recommended and approved hair removal systems that do not expose your skin to radiations. So it’s not harmful to patients going through LHR.

Myth 4: One can get permanent hair removal in one sitting or session- Fact 4- laser energy actually damages the follicles in the Anagen.  Several treatments are needed to target all the hair in the active growth phase. Approximately after the treatment, additional treatment is also required to vanish the hair that gets activated after 6-10 weeks. There are almost 6 to 8 sessions required to get hair reduction. It also depends on the hair type and also genetic, many also required more treatment after the main treatment.

Myth 5: Hair Removal Treatment cause burns – Fact 5- this also depends on the skin type, but basically, this is very rare. Those who have sensitive skin can face this problem. And also those who have dark skin, it also affects them. So if you are going to take treatment, consult a dermatologist.

Myth 7:  Laser Hair Removal is very costly compared to other hair removing methods like waxing – fact 7 – it totally depends on where you are going to take treatment. Hair removal treatment is not as expensive as compared to waxing. This system is much more effective, safe as well as quick as compared to waxing.

Reetika Kachchhwa