Latest Innovation of SONY!!! Wearable “The Reon Pocket” will help you to stay cool in Scorching Summer!!!

By Anchal Gupta

Sony has brought the latest innovative device for you which will help you to stay cool in the muggy outdoors. “The Reon Pocket” which is a smartphone-sized device and will help you to stay cool in the scorching summer. The device is launched in Japan now. Read out the blog post to know about the latest innovation of Sony and to know how it works!!!

Take a look at the latest innovation of Sony:

The latest innovation of Sony that will help you to stay cool is named as “The Reon Pocket”. It is a wearable device which you can understand as a mini AC. But this AC will not keep you completely cool but can help you to reduce the pain of the heating temperature.

The device is wearable under your shirt or T-shirt. According to Sony, it can reduce your personal body temperature by 23 degrees as well as is capable of increasing it about 14 degrees.

How the device works???

The mini Ac does not blow processed air like your AC that is either in a room of your apartment or in a cabin of your office. Instead, it uses a Peltier effect to create a temperature difference. It does so by transferring heat between two objects using electrical currents.

At the time of launch, the device works by connecting with your smartphone via Bluetooth. But Sony has further plans to make the device autonomous so it can be used without using your smartphone. The device is battery-powered and can run for 90 minutes on a two-hour charge.

At present, Sony will be selling the device with a T-shirt that has an inner pocket to place the device. As for now, the T-shirt is available in men’s sizes only. Sony has claimed that the pocket is unnoticeable hen worn. The device is available in Japan only and Sony has not released any statement regarding its International release.

Anchal Gupta