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Launch of China Heavy Rocket a success; Continues its Roadmap to Moon & Beyond 18 29 19 30

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Launch of the rockets in the near future –

The chief engineer of China named Zhuang Jingguo. Aerospace Science and technology corporation also short as CASC, he is a country’s main space contractor he told Media about a month ago, at a fifth China international commercial aerospace forum he said that the state-owned enterprise would soon go to launch at least thirty rockets next year. China will go to test new rockets in 2020, which will be a great success if launched successfully; they will attempt major space exploration missions. They will also go to continue a launch rate, which can be seen as the lead for the world in the orbital launches over the past two years.

They are also going to take their mission to Mars, moon, and also they are going to test flights of brand new launch vehicles. The completion of the Beidou navigation system also is a part of their mission. The commercial launch companies will also be a part of Chinese launch activities.

Launches in the previous year –

China has basically carried out more launches than any other country for the first time in 2018. They launched 39 times with just one failure; in 2016, they basically launches 22 times, and this new high launch rate of 2018 has not been slowed. There have been 29 Chinese launches so far in 2019 and includes only just two failures.

According to the resources and the information, 2020 will be the lest launch of the long march eight, which is basically a liquid propellant rocket that is designed to fill a gap in the launch to capabilities to sun-synchronous orbit which is short for SSO. CASC also concludes that the Long March 7 will basically is able to launch at least a five metric ton of payload and 2.8 ton to SSO and geosynchronous transfer orbit, respectively. Also, the new launcher will be the first test for Chinese and of vertical takeoff also vertical landing capabilities for an orbital launcher.

Reetika Kachchhwa