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Leeds United disability team urges fans to get behind young players and support the trip of a lifetime

This team of players are about twenty in number and love football a lot. This disabled team is financed through two methods – fundraising nd money paid voluntarily by parents. The team initially, was set up two years ago by the Leeds United Foundation and was supported by the Club.

Leanne Jones, a mother of two, had set up a fundraising campaign to send two teams, namely the under 12’s and 16’s, to play at a tournament conducted in Europe. Leanne’s six-year-old son, Elliot, suffered from multiple disabilities, and she knew her son couldn’t be part of a normal team. He has a rare chromosome deletion disorder and high functioning autism. He joined the team when he was only five years old.

Elliot and his brother Ollie, 16, are both high fans of Leeds United, and the family has got seasonal tickets for the United Leeds matches at Elland Road. Elliot’s mom, Leanne, states that as parents if they could fulfill and support their child’s life’s dream, it would mean the most for them. The junior disability team trains at Ramgriha Sikh Sports Centre under their coach Anthony Hall.

Leanne stated that the team still has less established and other clubs like Bradford City, and she wanted to get more support for the players at the present club. The disability team has players from the United Leeds team, supporting them such as Pablo Hernandez and Ryan Edmondson.

Leanne also praised Anthony, who is like a father figure and so devoted to training the children. She has urged and sent messages to fans to support these disabled players on the GoFundMe page or by using the student’s profile for fundraising through social media. They have received over 35,000 donations to date.

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