Let us know whether Tesla Killer Porsche Taycan Turbo S Slower Than Its Cheaper Version?

The car that is known as “Tesla Killer,” Porsche Taycan Turbo S, is alleged to be slower than its cheaper version Porsche Taycan Turbo. This unbelievable discovery was discovered by Brooks, who is from Drag Time. He is a racing expert in drag time and also has plenty of experience with cars and racing.

The reason for Porsche Taycan Turbo S been slower than Taycan Turbo is not exactly what we all think. Turbo S was advertised as “Tesla Killer,” which it was not after seeing it. Porsche engineers also claimed the Taycan Turbo S to be free of the SoC (State of Charge) and also that it has the repeatable performance.

Performance decrease is something that even the latest Tesla Model S P100D suffers, and Taycan Turbo is no exception. This is just the opposite of what the Porsche engineers saying. In the drag race, Turbo won over Turbo S. This can happen only if Porsche has made the cheaper car, the faster one or Taycan Turbo S suffers from low charge levels.

In testing, the Brook borrowed the Taycan Turbo from a Champion Porsche, a dealership in Florida, at a 57% charging level. He also brought VBOX, speed, acceleration, and time measuring devices.

He first goes on in Taycan Turbo S as 57% at asking the Porsche executive will low charge affect the car performance or not. To which the executive replied, “NO.”

He then went ahead and tested Turbo S and tested it for quarter-mile. He then tested Porsche Taycan Turbo twice and noted all the results of devices. The results seemed fine first. Then he tested again with Porsche Taycan, which has 90% SoC. Then the results were very different than the previous testing.

The results clearly showed Porsche Taycan Turbo was faster than Taycan Turbo S in some scenarios. This seems impossible as Turbo S has 90HP more than Turbo, and the only possible explanation was a low battery level. Then all the claims from Porsche about the effect of charge levels do not apply here.

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