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Lunar New Year 2020: What are the traditions, and which Asian cultures celebrate it?

By Reetika Kachchhwa

Lunar New Year –

This basically falls on the 25th of January this year. More than 1.5 billion people from all over the world joined in celebrating this with their friends and family, and they enjoy together and also eat traditional foods. These customs actually differ from countries to countries that are from Asian culture. This holiday marks the beginning of the new year, which is comes on the second moon and after the winter solstice.

So basically, in these people from China, Vietnam, as well as Korea and other countries also, they basically give their children money and honor ancestors during this festival. The time spam if this is different in every country, those who celebrate this. In China, this lasts up to 15 days. On the other hand, in Vietnam, it lasts for a week, and in New York, it lasts for just three days.

Money giving tradition –

So basically, in this adults of the family give packets to their children exchange for new year greetings. Children receive envelopes from their parents, grandparents, aunts, and other relatives.

Actually, there is lucky money inside, which actually varies from $1 to many hundred and also it represents the number of good fortune. Also, the colour of the envelope also matters.  One professor of Chinese and comparative literature at Fordham University in New York, named Yiju Huang he said, “Abundance is associated with the idea of redness, and the amount of money doesn’t have to be a lot.

It’s such a tremendous joy for children, and they use the money to buy candies because they don’t indulge in them usually.” In South Korea, parents give their children money after they perform a traditional bow and also wish them good fortune in their life.  In Vietnamese families, the main food is a rice cake which is called as bánh chúng.

Reetika Kachchhwa