MBTA announces major changes for riders this year – Here are the details !!

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An acceleration to their infrastructure improvement plans will be commencing soon

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), along with Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, gave an official announcement on Thursday about their plan to speed up on making improvements on the subway commuter rail. Due to that, there will be an 11-month long closure for a portion of the Green Line, a month-long closure of the C and E Branches as well as weekday and weekend closures.

Baker said in a news release that their aim would be to build a safer and more reliable MBTA for the riders, and they will be aiming to achieve it through the 2020 Infrastructure Acceleration Plan. The project commenced in 2019, and the tight schedule of construction and repairs will be going on throughout this year.

Their additional aims will be to build a faster system that transports people from location to location quicker than before. In order to minimize the discomfort caused due to these constructions, the T has provided alternative transportation facilities.

As mentioned, the MBTA has scheduled an 11-month suspension of regular Green Line service between North Station and Lechmere, which will start from May 2020. By the closure of this project, the work will be taking place on the Lechmere Viaduct, and they will be rebuilding the elevated segment of the track through East Cambridge and the realignment of the track to a newly built, relocated Lechmere Station which is being finished as part of the project of extending the Green Line to Somerville and Medford. Both these projects will be completed in coordination.

The MBTA stated that their work on the Green Line would cause nearly 11 miles of the track getting replaced and 14 intersections getting upgraded, and they will both be getting finished quicker than what was previously planned.

According to the MBTA, they were able to finish their projects 2.2 years ahead of their designated due dates across the Red, Orange, and Green Lines. MBTA’s General Manager Steve Poftak said that the 2020 plan would help them in achieving five times more than what they could in 2019.