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Two recent surveys from Wall street firms revealed that Microsoft’s Azure is favored as a hybrid option for the cloud.

Microsoft Corp. has continued to broke records as it has been doing previously. It is still breaking financial records.

Microsoft was valued over $1 trillion back in 2019. It had a tremendous financial year to come to that valuation, and this year it is set to break many more records. We expected a lot more from Microsoft in 2019.

Most of the known forecast is predicting that Microsoft is going to have a great year in the cloud business. It is anticipated that Microsoft Azure is going to get a 53% growth in 2020.

Microsoft is growing in the hybrid cloud sector and is going to be the preference hybrid cloud vendor option in the market. It is preferred over any other vendor like AWS. It is preferred by 42% using or likely to use Microsoft vs. 21% for AWS.

Most surveys have pointed that Microsoft is going to increase from  $1.26 a share in the first quarter to $1.32 a share later in the year. With concluding everything, it is forecasting EPS of $1.32, based on 154 estimates.

Revenue Wall street predicted for Microsoft the second quarter of the year is $35.7 billion. Microsoft had revenue of $32.5 billion in 2019’s second quarter and a net income of $8.4 billion.

About Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure was initially released in 2010 and seen a lot of growth in the cloud services, but it was initially published in 2008 with instead a funny name Project Red Dog. It was previously named Windows azure and, in 2014, changed to Microsoft Azure. It currently works on two operating systems Linux and Microsoft Windows. This is a close source with services open just for the clients.

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