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Microsoft killing off Cortana everywhere except the US

By Janaki Barik

Sad news for Microsoft users! Microsoft will end support for virtual assistant Cortana from January 31, 2020.

Microsoft will remove its virtual assistant Cortana from its launcher app for android, and iOS and support will be killing off the Cortana app in India, China, Australia, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Spain, and the United Kingdom. However, the app will continue only in the US.

Andrew Shuman, head of the Cortana team, stated that they still have users who use the Cortana app to manage headphone operations, and people with Surface headphones can use the app. This means users in the US with Surface headphones are only able to use the Cortana app for iOS and Android, and all the owners of Surface headphones will have to use Cortana for Windows.

The company has not stated anything about how the owners of Surface headphones in other countries except the U.S. will get access to these features. Also, how much longer Cortana will operate in the U.S. after January 31 is still unclear.

Reasons behind turning off

The low engagement and usage of the app are the major reasons behind the decision to turn off the app. Cortana failed to receive much traction outside the US.

About Cortana

Cortana is a virtual digital assistant used to configure settings and update the firmware devices like Surface headphones. It launched in 2015 and originally designed for Windows 10 PC and phones. Even after its redesign, it failed miserably against other digital assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa.

Is it the end of Cortana?

However, Microsoft is not killing off Cortana completely; rather, it’s just shifting its focus. Microsoft’s strategy is now to use Cortana to build up enterprise and business. The company is integrating Cortana into Microsoft Office 365 and other enterprise services, including Outlook mobile app. The company is also focusing on launching its new wireless audio device, Surface Earbuds, that are designed to work best with Cortana.

Janaki Barik