Big step by top company of world: Microsoft Team Launches COVID 19 Tracker Globally

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The Microsoft team launched a web portal for keeping track of the coronavirus (COVID-19) infections around the globe. This website provides updates on infection statistics in each country. A collective map allows all users to pop on the state to observe a particular number of cases and few associated articles from a variety of publishers. The website is reachable at, provides statistical data.
The COVID-19 tracker lists a number – 1,68,835 as total confirmed cases, 77,761 recovered cases, 84,558 active cases, and 6,516 deaths.

Microsoft announced the website two days after US President Trump said Google had begun working on the COVID-19-related portal for US citizens. Sites will be more than an infection tracker and will include about COVID-19 symptoms, risks associated with the disease at local testing centers. A section of Alphabet builds Google’s website, majorly focusing on healthcare services. Nearly more than 1,700 engineers are working on this site, says Trump in a press meet last week.
COVID-19 outbreak that has started in December 2019 in China now infected nearly 1,68,000 people and almost 6,500 deaths. The previous week, the WHO declared official COVID-19 as a global pandemic. Last time when a global epidemic had to happen, it is said in 2009, for the H1N1 influenza virus.

This new tool sorts people who are more concerned about the COVID-19 risk to testing sites based on guidance from health officials and test availability. At the starting stage, there was little confusion on Google’s COVID-19 portal. Still, the organizations later declared that it is partnering with the US Government in developing a website across the nation that includes much more information about COVID-19 symptoms and testing information. Globally, this virus had affected almost 2 lakh people so far. Now it is the time for Microsoft team to get on with it by tracking.