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Microsoft Windows 10 Users are getting Warning Issued For Millions Of Updates – Here are the details!!

Windows 10 is still providing a free upgrade to that million of Windows 7 users who haven’t upgraded their system by now. As the new update warnings were given to the users that you only get what you paid for.

The first problem was sighted by the windows security that new updates of windows 10 led to a series of events that made it completely undesirable by its constant users.

The long-awaited fix for Microsoft’s file explorer issue came with a lot of problems such as broken audio, game incompatibilities, blue screen of death crashes(BSOD), etc.

Users are complaining about it that windows get stuck, many are just stuck in the cycle of rebooting their system, some have lost their TPI, etc. and all.

Many users are reporting it crashes immediately, disabling sound, and it breaks down popular anti-cheat software Battle Eye, and Microsoft also found that it doesn’t even do it’s the main task i.e., to fix Microsoft file explorer. After the update, the desktop just booted to 1909 and stopped responding to the power button at all. This phenomenon was observed by many of its users.

It is an optional update, but those who want to update should be careful as on Microsoft’s official page, it still states that they are not known to any of the problems caused by this new update.

As of the latest update given by 2nd Feb that there are still problems with, but Microsoft has already admitted to the shortcomings in their windows ten testing process, and they say that changes are being made still there is a long way ahead of us to go. Hopefully, all the problems regarding the update get fixed soon, and we see a bug free and clean Windows 10 back.

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