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NASA warns of asteroid screeching towards earth at 21,027 miles per hour

By Rakesh Pillai

While the Earth has been enduring major climate issues and large fires, it has to brace itself from outside threats as well

Many of the famous space experts like Dr. Iain McDonald and Neil deGrasse Tyson strongly believe that catastrophic events such as hits from doomsday asteroids are not a thing of the past but is very likely to happen in the future as well.

In the midst of these threats, the United States’ own space agency NASA is doing what they can to track all near-earth objects (NEO), which can become a threat to all life on earth. One example of an asteroid that has been under NASA’s watchful eye over the past few months is the 2019 UO.

Asteroid 2019 UO

NASA confirmed the trajectory of 2019 UO back in October 2019. The initial analysis showed that this space rock, which measured 550 meters in diameter, was hurtling across space at an insane speed of 21,027 miles per hour.

What NASA believes is that the asteroid will be passing close by the earth on January 10, 2020. Taking its giant size and speed into consideration, NASA has categorized this rock as a potentially dangerous asteroid (PHA). But thankfully, they are saying that the asteroid is going to miss the earth by a safe margin of 2.8 million miles and there pretty slim chances of an impending collision. The reason for saying that is because if anything causes this guy to change trajectory, we are in for a world of pain. But it’s most likely not going to happen.

Weapons for planetary defense

It’s been known that NASA is preparing a weapon that can be used for the planet’s defense. Apparently, it’s a giant spacecraft, and its purpose is to hit the asteroid and change its trajectory, thereby avoiding a collision.

But space experts are saying that it still won’t be effective against such mammoth-sized asteroids like Apophis, which is backed by supersonic speed as well. The only choice left will be to nuke them. But this can cause radioactive rain to fall over the earth, and it can bring hell on earth.

Rakesh Pillai