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NASA’s Mars Mission 2020: Mars bound Spacecraft back Online after experiencing Technical Difficulties!!

By Nilanjana Roy

NASA’s Mars 2020 perseverance rover had officially lifted for Mars from Florida in the United States on 30 th of July.

The rover was successfully launched abort a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The rover is officially on its way to Jezero Crater on Mars.


According to an agency -Mars 2020, the space ship which was carrying NASA’s new rover Perseverance to the Red planet Suddenly experienced technical difficulties and was temporarily running on essentials system only.

NASA said that ” Data indicate the spacecraft had entered a state known as safe mode, likely because a part of the spacecraft was a little colder than expected while Mars 2020 was in Earth’s shadow. ”

When a vessel enters safe mode, it shuts down all but essential system until it receives new commands from mission control.

The spaceship has left the Earth’s shadow and the temperature now normal.

NASA further added, “Right now the Mars 2020 mission is completing a full health assessment on the space and is working to return the spacecraft to a normal configuration for its journey to Mars”.

The spacecraft has also been experiencing a delay in setting up its communication link with y the jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California,  it’s mission control.

The first single to the ground controller was sent at 9:15 am (1315 GMT ) by Mars 2020 but it was not until 11:30 am (1530 GMT)  that it established telemetry that is a more detailed spacecraft data.

The mission’s deputy project manager  Matt Wallace said that the fact that the spaceship has entered the safe mode was not overly concerning.

He said ” That’s perfectly fine,  the spacecraft is happy there, ” he further added “the team is working through that telemetry, they are going to look through the rest of the spacecraft health. So far everything I have seen looks good so we will know more in a little bit “.

Nilanjana Roy